Welcome to Outback Hospitality! Welcome to Outback Hospitality!

Outback Hospitality: The distinctive friendly service and care that you receive in the Outback.



The Outback region of Australia is well known for going above and beyond friendly service expectations. This "hospitality" and the mateship that comes with being a part of a smaller community makes the Outback a great place to work, live and play!

Through this website we aim to connect you with jobs and information in the Outback, and for businesses already out here to find ways to overcome some of the common issues they face regarding their workforce. Here's what you'll find:

  •  Jobs in the Outback and Employment Information - Search for work in any industry anywhere in the Outback.
  •  Oi! Online Induction - Familiarise yourself with Outback attractions and services, and take an online tour of the Central West Queensland region.
  •  Workforce Development (for Employers) – HR and OH&S tools and templates for outback businesses that you may not have time to develop yourself. Additional information, tools and templates added regularly.


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